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Of Sticks and Stones: Book 2

Of Sticks and Stones: Book 2

Current price: $18.99
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2022
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Of Sticks and Stones (Volume 2) continues the story of Libby and her grandfather, while shedding more light on other family members and their personal struggles. Libby's younger brother, Nathan, is envious of all the attention she is getting, while her mother, Bobbi, is feeling doubly stressed. She is worried about the declining health of her friend and boss, caf owner Shirley, and also starting to question how realistic it is to keep waiting for her missing husband's return. While Bobbi gradually figures out how to help Shirley, and how to move forward with her own life, Libby and Gene continue to tinker with their beloved motorcycle, and continue to strategize how to win a single baseball game. While their efforts on both those fronts finally start to be rewarded, the arrival of an unexpected visitor means major changes are in store for the entire family.