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Nanny X

Nanny X

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Publication Date: August 31st, 2014
Holiday House
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(Middle Grade)
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What kind of a nanny wears a motorcycle jacket, mirrored sunglasses, and a straw hat with flowers on top? When ten-year-old Ali and eight-year-old Jake find out that an odd woman who calls herself Nanny X is going to care for them, they're worried. They see her speak into a diaper. Even weirder, the diaper actually seems to be answering her. Everything begins to make sense when the kids discover Nanny X's secret identity. It turns out that Ali, Jake, and their toddler sister are in for a wild ride as they help Nanny X with a mysterious mission.

About the Author

Madelyn Rosenberg is a journalist and children's book author. Her most recent book was Canary in the Coal Mine which was called "endearing and original" by Kirkus Reviews and was a Society of School Librarians International best book of the year. She lives in the Washington DC area.

Praise for Nanny X

"Rosenberg captures the spirit of a zany tween movie full of outrageous adventures, cartoonish bad guys, and kids who end up helping save the day in an unexpected way. A good choice for readers looking for a mystery that’s not too scary or intense."—Booklist
"a quick, fun romp dotted with advanced vocabulary to intrigue and challenge growing readers."—Publishers Weekly
"Buffoonish bad guys with foolish plans for power nicely balance the hints of real danger in this light, fast read. Both narrative voices are distinct, and the action, while not exactly believable, is realistically presented. A fun and funny blend of Spy Kids and Mary Poppins."—Kirkus Reviews
"Nanny X provides an humorous story about an unexpected hero. The narration alternates between Alison and Jake, giving an interesting change in perspective. A solid addition to a popular genre."—School Library Journal